Studio Projects VTB1

PreAmp från Studio Project




VTB1 Technical Specifications:

Maximum Gain :
Mic In to Bal Out: 72dB (60dB preamp gain, 12dB output gain)
Line In to Bal Out: 42dB (30dB preamp gain, 12dB output gain)

Distortion/Noise(THD + Noise):
-20dBu input-Mic; 0dBu input-Line
Both measured at +15dBu output
Mic or Line In to Bal or Line Out: <0.0015% (Blend set full CCW- no tube)
Mic EIN: -128dBu (150 ohm source, 60dB gain)

Frequency response:
(20-20kHz, ref 1kHz): -20dBu input, +15dBu output
Mic In to Bal Out: +0 /-0.25 dB
0dBu input, +15dBu output
Line In to Bal Out: +0 /-0.5 dB

Phase response <+/- 15 degrees

Input impedance:
Mic Input (Rear switch in 200 ohm position): 2000 ohms
Mic Input (Rear switch in 50 ohm position): 300 ohms
Line Input (Front panel TRS jack): 1.5 meg ohms

Output impedance:
Male-XLR Balanced Output: 100 ohms (50 ohms each leg)
TRS Line Out: 300 ohms (Impedance Balanced)

Insert Jack (TRS):
Nominal level approx 0dBu
Located between SS preamp stage and tube/output stage
Tip=Send: 50 ohms output impedance
Ring=Return: 7500 ohms input impedance