Stratton puderdosa från 1950-talet

Motivet på locket föreställer ett danspar från Les Sylphides-baletten och är skapad av Cecil Golding.  Hittad i en antikaffär i Helsingör, sommaren 2016. Det blev en fin gåva till min dotter Julias på hennes 18-årsdag.


This compact is most probably form the late 1950s. Is part of a series of ballet compacts where the original ballet drawings by American Artist Cecil Golding.
She became a member of the National Association of Woman Artist . New York 1932 and exhibited between 1935 – 1938. She also exhibited at the New York City Watercolour Society, New York, in 1936.

This compact shows an image for the ballet LES SYLPHIDES.
All Stratton compacts are collectables as the company now only prodeces a very limited design range. This is a round compact in a heavy goldtone metal.
The lid is decorated with an enamelled background often iridescent dark blue.